Cathy Scott has never watched an episode of the television reality series “Undercover Boss.” If she had, she might not have been duped into being featured in an upcoming episode.

Wednesday’s show will feature Scott, who is the general manager of the Lebanon location of Anytime Fitness.

She isn’t allowed to give away any elements of the show, so she is very careful when she talks about the filming which happened last July. Scott and a few of the fitness center members are gathering at Backroads BBQ in Lebanon for a viewing party on Wednesday. Once the show airs, Scott will be able to speak more in-depth about the experience.

“I have to choose my words carefully they told me,” Scott said about the show before it airs.

“Undercover Boss” is a reality show where executives of major corporations infiltrate the front lines, attempting to do the same tasks and learning about the people in their company without the stigma of a visit by the boss.

The world's largest and fastest-growing fitness franchise, Anytime Fitness serves four million members at gyms in all 50 states and in 35 countries on all seven continents.

In the Lebanon Anytime Fitness case, Scott was visited by a corporate boss.

Scott was set up by the franchise owner of three facilities, including Lebanon’s, Brian Holdsworth. He sent an email asking her if she wanted to be a star.

“I said, ‘No, not really,’” Scott said. “He said, ‘I wonder if you will interview with this company. They’re doing some type of a TV show that’s not going to be shown around here. It’s going to be out of the country, but we’d like you to interview for it.”

Scott agreed and for three days in July, production crews filmed Scott and Anytime Fitness Brand president Stacy Anderson. The episode's description says Anderson takes on a set of undercover missions to make sure her gyms are operating in tip-top shape and tries not to break a literal sweat in a workout with a fanatically clean gym manager.

“She was shadowing me,” Scott said of her undercover boss, “like college students do.”

Scott has been recognized by the corporation for her work with senior citizens, as well as her clean space. The Lebanon club serves 800 members. Some of the members were filmed, had to sign waivers and may be in the show.

Typically, at the end of each episode, the bosses usually reveal themselves and gift the employee something amazing like a car for transportation, for instance. Of course, Scott can’t talk about her gift until after the show airs. She was allowed to tell her husband and two adult daughters who will be with her Wednesday evening.

Scott said if she had seen the show she might have figured out what was going on. She said many of the members figured it out.

“If I had known it was ‘Undercover Boss,’ I might not have said some of the things I said,” Scott said. “I probably would not have been as frank.”

“Undercover Boss” airs at 8 p.m. Wednesdays at 8 p.m. CBS.

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