Saiane Studie, the Tahlequah teenager who allegedly stabbed her stepfather to death on June 25, had her initial appearance in court Tuesday morning.

Crystal Jackson, an attorney from Oklahoma Indigent Defense System, was appointed to represent Studie. She was arraigned before Associate District Judge Joshua King on a first-degree murder charge.

District Attorney Jack Thorp has said he would be trying Studie, who is 15, as an adult.

Gary Maize was purportedly stabbed to death by Studie in Briggs. Cherokee County Undersheriff Jason Chennault said Studie was the one who called 911 once she got to an apartment in Tahlequah. She told officials she "had to do it in self-defense." However, evidence collected at the scene does not corroborate that claim, Chennault said.

The teen drove a truck belonging to Maize into Tahlequah from the scene and called 911 around 4 p.m. Once investigators arrived at the apartment, she refused to speak with anyone, asked for a lawyer, and was arrested.

The undersheriff confirmed Maize suffered from multiple stab wounds, and the murder weapon was found near the body in the yard.

Studie was transported to a juvenile detention facility, but it is not known if she is back in Craig County Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Vinita.