Oklahomans watched as a dangerous storm system ripped across the state yesterday, but Claremore escaped with no major damage, Claremore Emergency Management Director Sean Douglas said.

“We didn’t really experience any weather-related calls at all,” Douglas said.

The storm produced massive hail in the Norman area and several tornados were spotted throughout the state. Coweta High School canceled classes Monday because of building damage.

As for Rogers County, the Emergency Management Director, Scotty Stokes, said his team was watching the storms closely as they headed towards the Inola area.

“We were more worried about the Inola area,” Stokes said. “They had the one (tornado) in Broken Arrow and then the one there in the Coweta area and both of those were headed toward the Inola direction.”

Stokes said the radar was showing rotation in the southeast corner of Rogers County near Mazie, but that no damage was noted. As of Monday morning, no deaths or life-threatening injuries have been reported.

With more storms possible this week, Douglas and Stokes encourage everyone to stay prepared.

Douglas said families need to have a plan regarding where to find shelter in the event of a storm since there are no public storm shelters in Claremore.

“One of the things people need to do is make sure they have a way to be alerted of any type of issues,” Douglas said. “The county has a system you can sign up for through Code Red that will send out notifications. If they have a newer smart phone, they come automatically as well, unless they have them turned off. Weather radios are always recommended. We like for people to have a couple ways to be notified.”

Rogers County residents can create a Code Red account to receive alerts on the Rogers County Emergency Management page.

Tornados in October might seem out of season, but Stokes said Oklahomans should always be prepared.

“Everybody needs to realize it’s Oklahoma,” Stokes said. “We’ve had tornados in every month of the year so don’t, just because fall is coming in, don’t let your guard down. Fall storms can turn up tornados also. Maintain your preparedness and be ready.”