Pair of shootings occur late Tuesday


Details continue to emerge concerning an alleged attempted home invasion in Haskell that exploded into a shootout Tuesday morning.

Shots were fired when a group of people approached a home on West Hickory Street and attempted to kick in the door, prompting gunfire from the house's occupants, said Haskell Police Chief Michael Keene. 

Keene said Wednesday that a second of the five alleged attackers, Jakeyvious Key, 18, had been arrested by the Muskogee Police Department when he was released from the hospital Wednesday morning. Both Key and the first man arrested, Jobe Torronez, 18, are being held without bond in the Muskogee County/City Detention Facility, according to an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation release.

Key was the only one of the five that wasn't shot during the altercation, Keene said. Three others, as yet unnamed by OSBI, remain in intensive care in a Tulsa hospital. None of the home's occupants were injured.

The attackers' car was located later Tuesday on Old Taft Road with a damaged back tire, Keene noted. 

"They had to tow it because it wasn't drivable," Keene said. "I'm not sure if they hit something or if that tire got hit by a bullet or what."

The chief said police also were investigating whether the alleged attackers may have been involved in another home invasion earlier Tuesday morning. 

"We're looking into the possibility they were involved in another crime where they may have gone into a home and taken some things," Keene said. 

The incident capped off three eventful days for the Haskell Police Department, Keene said, with multiple instances of interagency cooperation. The chief listed a Sunday incident in which Michael Lee Rowan, 40, allegedly pointed a shotgun at a Haskell police officer, and a Monday incident in which a child went missing briefly.

"I cannot say enough good things about how great the other agencies have been. On Sunday, we had a situation where an armed man barricaded himself inside his home, and we had a huge outpouring from local agencies," Keene said. "Monday evening, we had a child that was lost for a while, and the community and law enforcement came out and helped look for that child."

Keene also praised OSBI's investigative efforts.

"They've been fantastic," Keene said. "They sent agents out right away to help us with the crime scene and the investigation. They've just bent over backwards to do anything they could do to help."