Larry Davis, 04/25/2021, 6:30 pm at the HEB gas station, Huntsville TX.

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Two police officers in Huntsville are under investigation after a video posted on social media shows use of force against a Black man.

In a 77-second clip, officers are seen pulling 22-year-old Larry Davis of Huntsville out of his vehicle from the passenger side, while using force to make an arrest.

Huntsville Police Chief Kevin Lunsford says that the incident was brought to his attention by department supervisors after a routine case review. He noted that his office immediately began looking into the matter and has initiated an internal investigation, which is currently ongoing.

Davis said that he was driving to work when he was stopped by officers for an expired registration at approximately 6:30 p.m. on April 25 at the H-E-B Gas Station on 11th Street in Huntsville.

A release from BLM HAAIR, a local civil rights organization, said that Davis was putting his hands up, asking ‘What is it now’, as officers approached the vehicle. They say that one of the officers “didn’t like his tone and proceeded to open his car door and beat him, along with another officer.”

“They pushed Davis’ face into the leather of the passenger seat and one officer proceeded to hold his legs down while another officer beat him in the face and ripped out some of his dreadlocks,” BLM HAAIR leaders said. “He repeatedly said he could not breathe as his face was being suffocated by the leather, and they did not stop their assault on him. As he put his hands up to say he was not resisting arrest, his hand made contact with one of the officers.”

None of these claims have been confirmed by HPD officials, due to the open internal investigation.

Davis was arrested and charged with two counts of assault against a police officer, resisting arrest and interfering with public duties. He was released on a $33,000 bond four days later.