Huntsville Public Library opens for curbside pickup, drop off

Item File PhotoA display at the Huntsville Public Library featuring new books. 

The Huntsville Public Library is celebrating National Library Week this week in an effort to highlight the essential role libraries, librarians, and library personnel play in transforming lives, enriching families and building community.

The theme for National Library Week, “Welcome to Your Library,” promotes the idea that libraries extend far beyond the four walls of a building and everyone is welcome to use their services. This National Library Week you can show your appreciation and support for libraries by visiting your library’s website and following them on social media.

During the week, daily challenges will be posted on Huntsville Public Library’s website at to encourage community members to use the library’s resources and interact in person or through email or social media for an opportunity to be featured in future library marketing materials.

Daily challenges for National Library Week include:

April 6

Toast of the Town Tuesday – ​Join Huntsville Public Library staff for the April 6 City Council Meeting, which begins at 6 p.m., to hear the Mayor’s National Library Week 2021 proclamation. Attend in person as local social distance requirements allow or online at Submit something from the meeting you find interesting or important in addition to the Proclamation.

April 7

Wilderness Wednesday – ​Use a library resource to learn about Native Texas flora and fauna. Then, try to find a real-life example at one of our City, State, or National Parks. Please keep a safe distance and don’t touch the wildlife. Post a picture of you in the “wilderness” with a caption telling the library what you looked for, what you found, and something new you learned.

April 8

Thrilling Thursday Tale Tails – ​Craft a homemade tail based on a favorite story creature for members of your family/household. Submit or post pictures of them wearing the tail and tell library officials which book creature inspired them.

April 9

Fine Arts Friday – ​Help library officials welcome the weekend by enjoying a live musical performance at the Huntsville Public Library beginning at 5 p.m. Attend in person as local social distance requirements allow or stream it live from HuntsvillePublicLibrary Facebook page.

April 10

Self on the Shelf Saturday –​Using a book that has a face on the cover, digitally insert or affix a picture of yourself (without damaging the book cover) in place of the book’s face or cover your face with the one on the book and take a photo. Be sure to submit or post a copy of your creation or photo to social media so everyone can spot you.

Daily challenge submissions may be emailed to or posted to Facebook at HuntsvillePublicLibrary, Instagram at Huntsville_Public_Library or Twitter @huntsvillelib Alternatively, you are welcome to bring them to the library in person from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. or 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.on weekdays.

For more information about National Library Week, please call Library Services Specialist Brenda Collins at (936) 291-5481.

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