Blue tape marks six feet distances on the floor, 14 little colored flags mark the vaccination tables, and 240 chairs are lined up in rows at the Claremore Expo Center.

Members of the Rogers County Health Department and Rogers County Emergency Management worked for three hours to set up the “mega” point of distribution site that will take place at the expo center tomorrow.

“Around 5,500 people are going to come through here,” Taylor Thompson Health Planning Coordinator said.

Thompson said the state health department will be administering 4,500 doses of vaccines and the Claremore Indian Hospital will be administering 1,000.

Thompson said their goal is to serve 150 people every 15 minutes. The POD begins at 7:30 a.m. and will be complete at 4:30 p.m.

“We want people in and out in 30 minutes,” he said.

Jessica Milberger, Health Educator for Rogers County and surrounding areas, said they will have Moderna vaccines for those over 18 and Pfizer available only for those under 18.

“Please make sure that you drink plenty of water and eat something before your appointment,” she said. “We also ask individuals to arrive no more than 15 minutes early to their appointment. This allows for adequate timing between appointments and for ample parking.”

Thompson said all 4,500 vaccination appointments were reserved within four days.

“The uptake is high in Rogers County,” he said.

Thompson said this is due to the greater population of Rogers County and the proximity to Tulsa.

“We don’t turn people away if they live outside the county,” he said.

Thompson said they organized the mega POD in one month and chose to have it in Rogers County because of the space the expo center provides.

“It’s the only location in District 4 big enough to have this large of a distribution,” he said.

Thompson said when it comes to a distribution this large, the partnerships are very important.

“We have partnered with Claremore Indian Health Services, The City of Claremore, Rogers County Emergency Management, Claremore Fire and Police to make sure that this vaccination clinic goes safely and smoothly,” Milberger said.

In Oklahoma, 800,168 prime doses have been given and 434,428 completed series of doses have been administered, according to the Weekly Epidemiology and Surveillance Report provided by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

In Rogers County, the uptake for the prime dose in ages 16 and up is at 19.9 percent and 49 percent in ages 65 and up, according to the Weekly Epidemiology and Surveillance Report provided by OSDH.

The percentages for those who have received the compete set of immunization is at 10.4 percent for 16 and up and at 31.2 percent for 65 and up, according to the Weekly Epidemiology and Surveillance Report provided by the OSDH.

The Oklahoma State Immunization Information System (OSIIS) does not include federally allocated and administered doses, which would include Indian Health Services/tribal and VA health centers.

There have been 432,793 cases and 4,788 deaths in Oklahoma as of Tuesday; 416,604 have recovered and 11,401 are active.

In Rogers County, there have been 10,072 cases and 126 deaths as of Tuesday; of those cases 9,690 have recovered and 256 are active.

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