Kevin Boldt and Sarah Uhlenhopp were married near the end of a bike ride across Iowa, a day after Uhlenhopp lost her engagement ring along the highway. Boldt and his fellow riders found it again.

When a bride-to-be lost her engagement ring while cycling across Iowa last week, she had little hope of ever seeing it again. But before their ride was over, Sarah Uhlenhopp's determined fiancé had recovered the ring, and the pair were married the following day.

The story started four years ago when Kevin Boldt, a sheriff's deputy, met Uhlenhopp while training for the Des Moines Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. Cycling was a shared love, and the 2013 ride was the couple's fifth together. They planned to get married during a stop at a church in Oskaloosa.

"We ride together a lot," Boldt said. "What better to do than get married on RAGBRAI?"

But on the eve of the wedding, about halfway through the 7-day, 468-mile ride, Uhlenhopp took off her engagement ring so she could apply sunscreen. She tucked the ring into the elastic band of her bicycle shorts and continued to ride. At some point, she lost the ring.

When Uhlenhopp and Boldt discovered the ring missing, they reported it to the Iowa State Patrol. The couple believed the ring had been lost near Monroe. A sheriff’s deputy gave Boldt a ride there to search for it.

He walked the highway in the hopes of finding the ring. "I walked probably about three miles," before turning around and walking in the other direction, he said.

By this time, other bikers stopped to join the search.

"I was out there for probably four hours," Boldt said. Then, just when he was about to give up, he heard someone call out, "We found it!"

"I couldn't believe it," Boldt said.

Upon Boldt's triumphant return, he offered Uhlenhopp the ring once again.

"I got to propose to her a second time," he said. "She was very happy, and obviously, she accepted."

The next day, the two continued their ride and were married in Oskaloosa.


Details for this story were provided by The Journal Express in Knoxville, Iowa.